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- Global education is essential for the acquisition of the necessary skills in the 21st century, and education professionals are the most strategic resource to train students as global citizens. For this reason, I help educational institutions to prepare their students for the globalized world, advising them on the design and implementation of innovative international educational projects that promote global learning. - 

my international world [Tamaño original


Emphasize the design of projects that can be developed in home environments, so that they are accessible to all students.


Create meaningful interactions between people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Promote a culture of collaboration between education, industry and society, locally and internationally.


Put my skills, attitudes and knowledge at the service of global learning.  

Who am I?

My name is Amaia and I have been working in the management of transnational educational projects for more than 10 years. After having lived and worked in Spain and abroad, I have come to the conclusion that one of the pending subjects we have as educators is to promote in our students the development of international and intercultural competences, which improve their employability in a global market in constant change, and that turn them into much more committed individuals to global problems.


Although we have mobility or study abroad programs that favor the development of these skills, these are available to very few. In most cases, our students depend exclusively on the curriculum of their college, institute or university to ensure their overall learning.


For this reason, I consider it essential to develop, in addition to mobility programs, collaborative online intercultural learning projects in home learning environments, which facilitate meaningful interaction between people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and which get to all students. In addition to global competence, the students will also develop key competences for 21st-century citizens: digital competence, creativity, leadership, collaboration, problem solving, innovation, critical thinking and second languages. 


Through a global, more inclusive and accessible education, we will also be contributing to Sustainable Development Goal n. 4.7.

If this is also important to you, do not hesitate to contact me; together we will design and implement global learning projects adapted to the needs and possibilities of your educational center.

- Amaia Ojer Sánchez -



Do you have a question, comment or request? Do not hesitate to contact me!

+34 620 392 274

Skype: AmaiaOS

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my international world [Tamaño original




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