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Global citizenship education: preparing learners for the challenges of the 21st century

This is the first document UNESCO has published in this regard. Here, they try to briefly explain how education can help students develop the necessary skills so that they guarantee a sustainable future. For doing so, they make an approach to the concept and point out some approaches that can be given to it from different disciplines (art, music, sports...).

Global education guidelines: Concepts and methodologies on global education for educators and policy makers

In this manual carried out jointly by the north-south delegation of the Council of Europe and the Global Education Network, an approach is made to the concepts of global education and global competence, and methodologies and practices are provided to bring it into the classroom.

Making global learning universal

Although there is some consensus about the importance of global education, it is very true that there are hardly any models or examples that help define global learning objectives and activities. In this book, the authors offer us a model made up of several initiatives that can be implemented in physical, virtual or domestic environments and in international mobility projects. If you want, they also have their own podcast, which you can find on Spotify under the name Making Global Learning Universal.

Database of good practices

Once again, the north-south delegation of the Council of Europe offers us on its page a series of good practices that have been developed in various educational centers. If you like the idea and bring it to your classroom, don't forget to contribute to the database; you can do it from the same page.

Global learning toolkit resources

The American Association of Universities (AACU) gives us this super gift: a compilation of all the resources and tools of the universities in its network that are promoting global learning. On this page you will find endless links that will allow you to see how it is being managed or what other universities are doing.

Global citizenship education: topics and learning objectives

This document, also from UNESCO, is great because it can provide us with approaches, content, learning objectives and evaluation, essential to help us define the activities to develop with our students.

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